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Remembering Our Angels

Every life is precious from the moment of conception

Remembering Our Little Ones
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Pregnancy & Infant Loss Grief and Remembrance Community
our_angels is a moderated members-only community for parents and family members of infants lost to miscarriage, prematurity, stillbirth and infant death. This community was created with the intention of being a safe place of support for us to share our experiences with loss and the grief process. We're here to support you and be a resource. We extend our condolences and welcome you to the community.

Please note: If your request to join was denied, please contact caramaea.

In an effort to prevent trolling, all users who request membership are screened to determine legitimacy. We understand that some people may not want their loss(es) to be public, but if it can not be determined that you have experienced a loss, your request will be denied. You will need to contact caramaea to explain why you want to join the community before your request can be approved. Thank you.

Links of interest:

Support and Be Supported

National and Internet Support Groups for Bereaved Parents

March of Dimes
AGAST (Support for Grandparents)
A Place to Remember
International Stillbirth Alliance
National Stillbirth Society
Full Term Loss
Waiting With Love
The Missing Grace Organization

Heartwarming Literature
*Click on the book for a link to purchase*

Mommy Please Don’t Cry
by Linda DeMaz
*includes a section for journaling your thoughts during the grief process*


Waterbugs and Dragonflies: Explaining Death to Young Children
by Doris Stickney

Click here to read Waterbugs and Dragonflies!!

Support for Those Who Are Trying Again

We ask that if you are currently trying again or are already pregnant to please put any sensitive material behind a cut or refrain from posting it. While we certainly share in your joy and understand your fears, pregnancy may be too sensitive to talk about here. Please be respectful of that when you post. Thank you.

Recommended reading:

Pregnancy After a Loss:
A Guide to Pregnancy after a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death

by Carol Cirulli Lanham

Subsequent pregnancy support groups:

March of Dimes Subsequent Pregnancy Support, SPALS (Subsequent Pregnancy After a Loss), The Labor of Love.com, Fertility Friend, American Pregnancy.org
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